2023 Honey Spirits Competition

Best Distilled-from-Honey Spirits

Honey is most often used to sweeten spirits, such as whiskey, vodka and gin. However, honey also can be used as a distillate, meaning you can craft spirits where honey is the only fermentable sugar source. Crafting a quality spirit from honey is a labor of love (just like with honey bees making honey!), but the end result can be a truly world class spirit.

These distillers stayed true to the honey distillation process and created the best spirits from honey distilled in the United States. Let’s have a toast to our three favorite specialty honey spirits we tasted this year.

We’ve taste-tested quite a few distilled-from-honey spirits this year. 

Here are our three favorites.

No. 1

Distiller's Reserve

Kailua-Kona, HI

Distiller's Reserve is No. 1 on the list for a reason! This libation features a floral kiawe honey that’s local to the Hawaiian Islands. Tropical notes mixed with flavors from barrel aging in deep charred white oak barrels makes it a smooth sipper. Big Island Distillers creates big flavors that deserve even bigger praises.

No. 2

Up North Honey Spirits

Post Falls, ID

Clean and simple. Up North Distillery stuck to the basics on this spirit, and it still reigns supreme. This is a well-made spirit that would blend well in a cocktail. There is a hint of herbal notes that rounds out the distillation.

No. 3

Cask Strength Honey Spirits

Post Falls, ID

The aromas of the oak barrels and butterscotch flavors round out the long finish of this spirit. There is a rich, vanilla flavor on the palette that brightens up the spirit. Enjoy with caution, as this is 112.4 proof!

Do you make a spirit distilled with honey?

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