2023 Honey Spirits Competition

Best Made-with-Honey Moonshine

It’s no secret (anymore) about moonshine’s history and how “hush hush” it was to get your hands on a bottle of hooch. There’s no need to keep quiet about how distillers have mastered their craft and added a special ingredient to their blend to give it something extra: honey!

Shiners know good moonshine; we know good honey and only good things can come from this match. We’ve particularly enjoyed a glass of these incredible honey moonshines:

We’ve taste-tested quite a few honey moonshines this year. 

Here are our three favorites.

No. 1

Honey Moon Shine

Beacon, NY

This spirit is a classic moonshine, but with a twist. The soft lemon flavor brings a refreshing brightness to the palate. The subtle sweetness doesn’t take away from the structural balance and is a great addition.

No. 2

Hawaiian Honeyshine

Kailua Kona, HI

Simple yet complex while sweet and strong. Local honey was used to really encompass the essence of a spirit from the islands of Hawaii. The Hawaiian Honeyshine is a well-balanced spirit that has a cooling, minty finish on the palate to elevate your ‘shine sipping.

No. 3

Howlin’ Hounds Honey Moonshine

Branson, MO

Honey’s characteristics shine bright in this spirit. The initial sweetness complements the herbal and fruity notes on the back end. The residual sugars balance out the alcohol giving a sweet and floral finish. Overall, this moonshine is a smooth, easy sipper.

Do you make moonshine with honey?

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