2023 Honey Spirits Competition

Best Made-with-Honey Rum

Rum is traditionally defined as a liquor distilled from sugarcane or molasses previously enjoyed by pirates. Now, distillers are changing the rum game by distilling with honey, and we think the sea rovers would have loved the new way of rum.

The journey of rum has come a long way and has been evolving over the years. Whether sipped neat or blended into a cocktail, rum sweetened with honey has earned its spot as a top spirit.

Looking to add a new honey rum to your liquor line up? Check these out for your next pour:

We’ve taste-tested quite a few honey rums this year. 

Here are our three favorites.

No. 1

Denver Distillery Navy Strength Spiced Rum

Denver, CO

Navy strength holds true to its name! This rum packs a punch at 109 proof. The inspiration of this rum comes from an upside down pineapple cake — how sweet! The high heat has a lingering effect that comfortably warms the palette while the sweetness of the honey stabilizes the alcohol content.

No. 2

Amber Rum

Fredericksburg, TN

Passing up a rum that was rested in bourbon barrels is a spirit drinking sin! Iron Goat Distillery did everything right when it came to blending this spirit. The pleasant aromas of caramel pair well with the nutty, oaky flavors of the barrels.

No. 3

Denver Distillery Dark Rum

Denver CO

The faint, yet smooth tropical notes of this rum has ranked it high on our list. It doesn’t pack a punch like a traditional rum, but flavor isn’t lacking here. The fruity and oaky characteristics shine through in this well balanced spirit.

Raise a glass to the new wave of honey rums hitting the shelves!

Do you make rum with honey? We want to know about it. Tell us about your made-with-honey spirit today.

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